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The San Valley - the land of trout and pigs

Trout in Sana'a

The San and all its tributaries belong to the land of the stream trout, sometimes called the stream trout. This large predatory fish (adults can reach up to 50 cm) requires clean and well-oxygenated waters. You will encounter such conditions in all the upper sections of the river, where the water is overcome by numerous stones and rocky thresholds. A place of this kind is home to our predator.
Trout belongs to the family of salmonids and is easy to recognize because of the red and dark spots along the sides of the body. A characteristic feature of the fish is a small appendix on the back, called the "fat fin". It is nothing more than a small skin bag filled with fat - to this day we do not know what its function is. It is too small to store, for example, a large amount of spare material.


Unusual pig spawning

When planning a kayak trip on the San River, get ready to discover many amazing places. In the shallow waters at the mouth of the river, you can observe spectacular spawning of pigs fish every spring from April to May. If you stray from the route, you will witness an extraordinary theater at the nearby Osława. Spawning in this place is unique because it takes place in the shallows. Shoals of fish, numbering up to several thousand individuals, swim up the river, where the females spawn and the males pour milk over it, causing fertilization. There are several dozen of such spawning sites. During spawning, pigs are under strict protection. In the past, this period was conducive to poaching, but thanks to intensive ecological education, spawning today is a spectacle eagerly watched by tourists and enthusiasts.
However, this is not all, there are many more reasons to be delighted on the San. The San and the rivers of its basin (including the Osława) are also a spawning ground for graylings and "Podkarpacie salmon", ie Danube salmon. These fish wear in much smaller groups in Sana'a, but show impressive size. The largest Danube salmon with a length of up to 1.2 m can reach a weight of up to 20 kilograms. We have a lot of beautiful fish in the sleigh, so it is worth protecting them.

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