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Szlak Architektury Drewnianej

River Strwiąż

The Strviazh river


One of the benefits of the itinerary is its rich and varied fauna (Strviazh is one of the richest rivers in Lviv region known for its fish, particularly such rare species as the Vistula barbel listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine; also the osprey, hill pigeon and otter), pristine nature around some parts of the river and beavers’ activity. Moreover, you can service the itinerary by car: a journey that takes hours by river can be easily traveled by an accompanying car within minutes.


There are few tourist attractions along the route, the most remarkable being the churches :

  • Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin in Khyriv (1846),
  • Temple of the Great Reverend Onufriy in Biskovychi – the present building was constructed in 2009 to replace a 18th-century wooden church destroyed in 2008, which had been previously built on the foundation of a 16th-century church,
  • Church of St. John the Divine in Babyna (1902),
  • Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Stara Sil.


Church of St. Martin in Skelivka


The first catholic wooden church was constructed here in 1418, and in the early 16th century a brick church with a fortified bell tower was built in its place. It served as a shrine for the Herburts family and due to that fact received numerous donations during the 16th century that resulted in luxurious tombstones, side chapels and grand decor. During the first battles in 1914 the church suffered great damage from being bombarded by the Russian artillery. Some ancient tombstones and altars were transported to the National Art Gallery in Lviv.


Church of Paraskeva Piatnytsia in Stara Sil


It is the oldest wooden church in Staryi Sambir district, built in 1440. In the 16th century it hosted a fraternity and a center of book writing. It was rebuilt many times, and even in the Soviet period it remained open.


Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin in Khyriv


The parish wooden temple in Khyriv was established in 1507, and in 1846 there was a brick Church of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin built in its place. It is attended by both the members of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and members of the Ukrainian Orhodox Church.

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